Troubleshooting Guide

To know your salary in detail, you will need your PMP Payslip, which is issued by your employer. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn all you can about how to connect to PMP Payslip. Take this opportunity to learn more about PMP Payslip, including the initial registration process for good PMPs, etc.


All employees desperately want to know something about their salary or details of their salary. Therefore, for each payment, the employer issues a personal paycheck to provide this information. However, to receive their pay, employees must follow specific rules prescribed by government agencies.

Since payroll is a major concern for employees, this online payroll system has proven to be crucial. This payroll system allows employees to access their payroll profile when needed. It also ensures that each employee has the luxury of privacy.

Can’t Login? Here Is Troubleshooting Method

It is very rare for people to have problems with our login system, and instructions must be in place to avoid accidents. If you are unable to connect to our website in any of these cases, here you will find instructions on how to solve the problem.

  • First of all, check your internet connection. This is the main reason why your connection fails, either due to connection instability or request timeout.
  • Make sure you are using and entering the correct credentials. Some of our customers have tried to use their old passwords and have failed. If you can, you can see your passwords as you type. However, you need to check if someone is nearby to see their credentials.
  • If your passwords are in uppercase, make sure you mark them in the correct place. If all the letters in your passwords are in uppercase, be sure to use the CAPS LOCK key.


  • If the steps above don’t help, there are probably cookies in your cache that are preventing you from logging in. Here is a guide on how to clear your browser’s cache.
  • The site may be on the list of restricted sites in your region. You can check with your virtual private network (VPN) and consider moving your server to another country if possible. If that doesn’t work either, you can turn off the VPN entirely.
  • If you forgot your passwords, follow these instructions to recover them.
  • If nothing else works, contact us via our mailbox or phone number. We are happy to help you with any issues you may have.